Electric Companies in California

Power Generation

There are more than 1,500 power plants in California. The total capacity of electricity generated is about 80 GW. Natural gas accounts for about 50% of the electricity, 32% is generated from renewable sources, 15% from hydroelectric power and about 3% from nuclear power. In 2018, the state assembly voted to completely phase out fossil fuels by 2045.

Transmission Grid

Electrical grid in California is a part of Western Interconnection. Power lines connect the Pacific Northwest and Los Angeles area. HVDC line (Path 27) connect Utah coal generated power stations with Los Angeles. West of Colorado River supplies electrical power from Nevada and Arizona power plants. The power plants use both gas, nuclear fuel, and renewable energy sources.

Renewable Sources

California is considered a leader in the exploitation of renewable energy sources in the United States. Because of its special climatic conditions, California is particularly advanced in generating electricity from solar, wind, and water power. Solar Energy Generating Systems and Alta Wind Energy Center are the largest producers of solar and wind energy.

Electricity Rates

Electricity rates in California are the highest in the country. The average price a state resident pays is about 19.90¢ / kWh (December 2021 data). The cost of electricity has fallen by 2.6% over the past year. The price a resident pays for electricity depends on many factors - the electric company, location, time of year, and the situation on the electricity market.

Electric Companies in California

California Electric Companies

California is home to several dozen major electric companies that provide service to end users. The most famous of these are Pacific Gas & Electric Company, PacifiCorp, Silicon Valley Power, Bear Valley Electric Service. There are two types of electric companies: Investor-Owned Utilities (IOUs) and Publicly Owned Utilities (POUs).

California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) monitors privately owned utility companies. The CPUC also regulates natural gas, water, telecommunications, rail transit companies. The CPUC has controlled private electric companies for nearly a century and has helped ensure that residents receive reliable and affordable service.

You can change your electric company at any time. If you want to change your service provider or connect your project to an electric provider, you need to contact the utility provider where your project is located. On our website you can find information about the major electrical companies in California.

# Company
1 3 Phases Renewables
2 Advance Electrical Service
3 Alameda Municipal Power
4 American Electric Service
5 Anza Electric Cooperative
6 Apple Valley Choice Energy
7 Azusa Light and Water
8 BK Electric Services
9 BV Electric
10 Baldwin Park Resident Owned Utility District
11 Bear Valley Electric Service
12 Biggs Municipal Utilities
13 Burbank Water and Power
14 Calpine Energy Solutions
15 Central Coast Community Energy
16 City Electric Supply
17 Clean Power Alliance
18 Colton Public Utilities
19 Commercial Energy Of California
20 Constellation Newenergy
21 Delta Electric
22 Desert Community Energy
23 Direct Energy Business
24 East West Electric
25 Eastside Power Authority
26 Fast Handy Electric
27 Gexpro
28 Gill's Electric
29 Glendale Water and Power
30 Gridley Electric Utility
31 Imperial Irrigation District
32 Kirkwood Meadows Public Utility District
33 Lancaster Choice Energy
34 Lassen Municipal Utility District
35 Lathrop Irrigation District
36 Liberty Utilities
37 Lodi Electric Utility
38 Los Angeles Department of Water & Power
39 MCE
40 Madison Electric
41 Merced Irrigation District
42 Modesto Irrigation District
43 Monterey Bay Community Power
44 Moreno Valley Utility
45 NEV Electric Inc
46 Optimum Electrical
47 Origis Energy
48 Pacific Gas and Electric Company
49 Pasadena Water and Power
50 Peak Electric
51 Peninsula Clean Energy
52 Pico Rivera Innovative Municipal Energy
53 Pilot Power Group
54 Pioneer Community Energy
55 Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative
56 Pomona Choice Energy
57 Port of Oakland
58 Port of Stockton
59 Power and Water Resources Pooling Authority
60 Praxair Plainfield
61 Rancho Cucamonga Municipal Utility
62 Rancho Mirage Energy Authority
63 Redding Electric Utility
64 Redwood Coast Energy Authority
65 Roseville Electric
67 Sacramento Municipal Utility District
68 San Diego Gas & Electric
69 San Jacinto Power
70 San Jose Clean Energy
71 Shell Energy
72 Shelter Cove Resort Improvement District
73 Silicon Valley Clean Energy
74 Silicon Valley Power
75 Skylight Electrical Service
76 Solana Energy Alliance
77 Solar Energy Solutions
78 Sonoma Clean Power
79 Southern California Edison
80 Surprise Valley Electrification Corporation
81 Turlock Irrigation District
82 Valley Clean Energy
83 Victorville Municipal Utilities Services
84 Wizard Electric
85 YSG Solar
86 Zenith Electric