Electric Companies in Arizona

Power Generation

Arizona is a major energy center in the southern United States. Not far from Phoenix is Paolo Verde, the largest nuclear power plant by net generation. Because of its hot climate, warm winters, and relatively few large industries, Arizona ranks fifth from the bottom in specific energy consumption per capita. There are many small solar plants in Arizona, which combine to produce a large percentage of Arizona's electricity.

Transmission Grid

The Arizona Power Transmission System is a complex network of independently owned and operated power plants and transmission lines. The transmission grid is part of the Western Interconnection. All of the electric utilities in the Arizona transmission grid are tied together during normal system conditions and operate at a synchronized frequency of 60 Hz.

Renewable Sources

Despite favorable climatic conditions in Arizona, the share of renewable energy in the total amount of electricity is relatively small. About 45% of all electricity is generated by burning natural gas. Renewable energy accounts for about 14% of all electricity. There are many small solar power plants in Arizona, and their share is growing. About 6% of electricity is produced by hydroelectric power plants.

Electricity Rates

The cost of electricity in Arizona is higher than in other western states, but lower than in the country as a whole. In 2021, the cost of electricity was 12.3 ¢/kWh (cents per kilowatt-hour). The national average price of electricity is about 13.2 ¢/kWh. By comparison, in California, one kilowatt hour will cost residents an average of 20 cents. There is an opportunity for Arizona residents to reduce their electricity bill by buying their own solar power plant.

Electric Companies in Arizona

Arizona Electric Companies

Electricity is generated in power generating plants, transmitted through the power transmission grid and finally reaches the end consumer, the home of city residents or businesses. There are several dozen electricity generating companies in Arizona. Solar power is well developed in the state, with many electric companies in Arizona offering installation services for solar panels and small electric plants.

Arizona has a regulated electricity market. This means that in some cases the consumer may not have a choice in buying electricity. The major retailers of electricity in Arizona are Arizona Public Service, Salt River Project and Tucson Electric Power. Arizona Public Service is the largest electric company and electricity provider in Arizona.

Arizona is a sunshine state. The percentage of electricity generated from solar energy exceeds the percentage of all other renewable energy combined. Electric companies in Arizona are responding to demand and offering residents and businesses services to install and connect households and offices to small solar plants. Arizona's largest utility announced that by 2030 the share of electricity from renewable energy sources will be 45%, and in 2050 all electricity will be generated from renewable energy sources alone.

# Company
1 A American Electrical Services
2 ABCO Solar
3 AZ State Electric
4 Aames Electric
5 All City Electric
6 Arizona Public Services
7 Chandler Chandelier
8 City Electric Supply
9 Colton America Electrical Contractor
10 Copperhead Electric
11 Delta Home Services
12 Dodge Electric
13 Efficient Electric
14 Elliott Electric Supply
15 Energy Resources Department
16 Firefly Electric
17 Granado's Electrical Service
18 Liberty Utilities
19 Ludvik Electric
20 Mason Pro Services
21 Miller Electric Company
22 Mr. Electric
23 NES Electrical Services
24 Power Down America
25 Pro Solutions Electric
26 RDS Electric
27 RSB Electrical
28 Redline Electric & Solar
29 Residential Electric Service
30 SPE Electrical Services
31 Saguaro Solar
32 Salt River Project
33 Simple Electric
34 Summit Electric Supply
35 TAB Electric
36 The Chandler Utility Services
37 The House Monkey
38 Top Choice Electric
39 Trico Electric Cooperative
40 Tucson Electric Power
41 Turn It On Electric
42 Vail Electric