Electric Companies in Illinois

Power Generation

Illinois is a large industrial state in the north of the country. Because of its advanced industry, agriculture, and manufacturing, Illinois ranks fifth in the nation in electricity consumption. Most of the electricity is generated by nuclear power plants. Six nuclear power plants produce 13% of all electricity in the United States. Illinois is a net exporter of electricity.

Transmission Grid

The electric grids in Illinois are part of Eastern Interconnection, one of the two largest alternating-current electrical grids in the United States. The Midwest Reliability Organization is a regional electric reliability council under NERC. Two major electric grids serve Illinois, one operated by ComEd and the other by Ameren. Illinois is a major energy hub in the country.

Renewable Sources

Illinois has the second-largest coal reserves and the first-largest share of nuclear power in the total energy mix. Despite this, the share of renewable energy is relatively high at about 10%. More than two billion dollars have been invested in solar power development. Illionois is the third largest producer of biodiesel and ethanol in the country. Dozens of wind farms supply electricity to millions of homes.

Electricity Rates

The cost of electricity in Illinois is below the national average of about 13 ¢/kWh. The cost of electricity depends on the customer's location, rate plan, and electric utility company. Illinois is a deregulated state for electricity, consumers can choose, electricity provider companies offer a variety of electric plans including Fixed-Term Plans, Variable-Term Plans, Renewable Plans. Because of deregulation for electricity, consumers can easily change electric supplier companies and rate plans.

Electric Companies in Illinois

Illinois Electric Companies

Illinois is one of the most populous and industrialized states in the country. The state has many successful and reliable power companies generating and selling electricity to customers in Illinois and neighboring states. The percentage of nuclear power plants is high. More than half of the electricity is generated at nuclear plants, the largest of which are Braidwood Nuclear Generating Station and Byron Nuclear Generating Station.

Illinois has two major wholesale power suppliers, ComEd and Ameren Illinois. There is not much difference in the price of electricity between them. Many medium and small electric companies offer a variety of electric rate plans, including Fixed-Term Plans and Variable-Term Plans. Electricity retailers include Constellation, Eligo Energy, Direct Energy, and SmartEnergy. Illionis became a deregulated state in 1997, with many electric companies gaining access to the market. Consumers in deregulated states can choose their electric utility company. Because of the high competition, prices are lower and the quality of service is higher.

The advanced, deregulated state is home to many advanced electric companies offering renewable energy solutions. Although the current percentage of renewable energy is about 10%, in thirty years it is planned to increase the use of green energy to 100%. The main source of renewable energy in Illinois is wind. One of the largest manufacturers of wind energy equipment is headquartered in Chicago. Many traditional electricity providers already offer tariff plans consisting partly or entirely of renewable energy sources. Recently, electric companies such as Mpower Energy and SmartEnergy have entered the market, offering consumers completely clean electricity.

# Company
1 AEP Energy
2 A-Plus Electric
3 Arnold Electrical Services
4 A to Z Electric
5 Aurora Electric
6 Blacklite Electric
7 Bonus Electric
8 Chicago Electrical Company
9 City Electric Supply
10 Commonwealth Edison Company
11 Constellation
12 Crescent Electric Supply
14 Eligo Energy
15 Engel Electric
16 Frost Electric
17 General Electric Capital
18 Gexpro
19 Gibbons Electric
20 Highlights Chicago
21 Holland Electric
22 Indicom Electric
23 Just Energy
24 Krup Electric Company
25 Lewis Electric & Contracting
26 Lincoln Home Services
27 MC Squared Energy Services
28 Mpower Direct
29 Mr. Electric
30 MZI Group
31 Naperville Public Utilities
32 Precision Power Electric
33 Progress Electric Company
34 SmartEnergy
35 STS Electric
36 Tower Electric
37 WCP Solar
38 Wizard Electric Chicago