Electric Companies in Massachusetts

Power Generation

Electricity demand in Massachusetts exceeds electricity generation. The state imports nearly half of its energy consumption. More than three-quarters of all electricity is generated by natural gas-fired power plants, 9% is generated by solar power, and about 5% is generated by biomass. Massachusetts used to have nuclear power plants. The last of the nuclear power plants closed in 2019.

Transmission Grid

The Massachusetts electrical grid is part of Eastern Interconnection, the second-largest alternating-current electrical grid. The Northeast Power Coordinating Council was founded in 1966 to ensure the reliability of electricity supply in the northeastern United States. Large wholesale companies service high-voltage transmission facilities and are responsible for delivering electricity to the retail electricity supplier. Other electric utilities serve lower-voltage distribution facilities and deliver electricity to consumers.

Renewable Sources

Although natural gas is the basis of energy in Massachusetts, the share of renewable energy is high. Renewable energy accounts for a quarter of all electricity production. The share of solar energy is almost 10% and growing rapidly. Most of the electricity is generated in small-scale solar power plants, including photovoltaic panels. Massachusetts is home to large wind farms, such as the Berkshire Wind Power Project and the Hoosac Wind Power Project.

Electricity Rates

Massachusetts has a deregulated electricity market. This means that any business can buy electricity from producers and make the best possible electricity plans to sell to consumers at the best possible prices. The cost of electricity in Massachusetts is higher than the United States average. Until recently, the cost of electricity for Massachusetts residents was about 23.66 ¢/kWh. National Grid recently reported that the average monthly electricity bill increased from $179 to $293 month-to-month.

Electric Companies in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Electric Companies

Massachusetts consumes more electricity than it produces. Much of the electricity is purchased from neighboring states. Nevertheless, Massachusetts has many power plants and generating facilities. Most of them run on natural gas and petroleum products. Near Boston is Mystic Generating Station, one of the largest power plants in the country. Mystic Generating Station has a capacity of over 2,001 MW. Massachusetts has many large natural gas power plants, including Canal Generating Plant, Salem Harbor Power Station, and Fore River Generating Station.

The power grid in Massachusetts includes thousands of miles of high-voltage and low-voltage power lines, transformers, and substations. All of this complex equipment needs to be maintained, upgraded, and expanded. Electrical utilities such as National Grid and Eversource perform these functions. Massachusetts regulators regularly approve investment programs to lay new transmission lines, install substations, and upgrade the state's transmission grid.

Electricity reaches residents and commercial consumers through electricity retailers. Massachusetts is a deregulated electricity market, which means it is possible for consumers to choose a supplier company. The special Energy Switch Massachusetts program has helped thousands of state residents switch electricity providers and lower their electric bills. Electricity providers offer all types of electric plans to consumers, including variable and fixed rate electric plans, green plans, and pre-paid electric plans.

# Company
1 Arsenault Electric
2 Atlantic Power
3 BlueWave
4 Capital Power
5 City Electric Supply
6 Collins Electric Co
7 Commonwealth Electrical Technologies
8 Congress Electric Contractors
9 Constellation
10 Evermore Light & Power
11 Eversource
12 General Electric
13 Gexpro
14 JT Electric Services
15 Klostermann Electric
16 Lowell Central Electric Co
17 Mass Bay Electrical Corporation
18 National Grid
19 One Source Power
20 Ostrow Electrical
21 Springfield Electrical Co
22 Standard Electric
23 SunPower
24 Universal Electric
25 Vicinity Energy