Electric Companies in Florida

Power Generation

Florida is home to many different types of power plants. Most power plants run on natural gas. The share of such power plants is about 76%. Despite favorable climatic conditions, the share of renewable power plants is relatively small at about 6%. There are two nuclear power plants operating in Florida. Total electricity generation is about 250 GWh.

Transmission Grid

The Florida Reliability Coordinating Council monitors the reliability of Florida's electric transmission grid. A problem for Florida's electric transmission grid is frequent hurricanes. The weather conditions require better monitoring of transmission lines and investments in infrastructure support. Florida Power & Light utility has spent more than $5 billion over the past 15 years to maintain and improve power lines.

Renewable Sources

The share of renewable energy in the total amount of energy is about 6%. Two-thirds of this electricity is generated by solar power plants, most of which have a capacity of one megawatt or more. Recently, the number of small solar power plants installed in private homes has grown rapidly. Their number has tripled in the last three years. Hydropower and wind power are not as well represented in the state.

Electricity Rates

Electricity rates in Florida are below the national average of about 11.37 ¢/kWh. The average bill for a household in Florida is about $170. The average electric bill for commercial customers is about $640, which is slightly higher than the national average. Over the past year, the price of electricity has dropped 5%. Many households and businesses install solar panel solutions and reduce their electric bills.

Electric Companies in Florida

Florida Electric Companies

Florida is the second largest producer of electricity after Texas and the third largest consumer of electricity after Texas and California. Two-thirds of the electricity is generated by natural gas-fired power plants. Florida has more than 50 natural gas power plants, the largest of which are Crystal River Energy Complex, Hines Energy Complex, Fort Myers, Martin Power Plant, and West County Energy Center.

35 municipally owned electric companies, 5 investor-owned electric companies, and 18 rural electric cooperatives successfully operate in Florida. The largest electric companies in Florida are Florida Power and Light Company, Duke Energy, and Tampa Electric Company. Florida Power and Light Company primarily serves the south and east of the state, while Duke Energy serves central and north Florida.

The share of solar energy is growing every year. Investor-owned electric companies, municipally owned electric companies and rural electric cooperatives operate solar power plants across the state. Duke Energy and Florida Power and Light Company have the largest solar power plants. They are Hamilton, Babcock Ranch, Barefoot Bay. In 2020, Florida surpassed Arizona for solar power generation and ranked fourth in the nation. Using solar energy allows many Floridians to reduce their energy costs and improve the state's environment.

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21 FCL Electric
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