Electric Companies in Tampa

Tampa is the third largest city in the state of Florida with a population of over 380,000. The city is located in a very beautiful place on the shores of Tampa Bay. The Port of Tampa makes a significant contribution to the city's economy, with more than $15 billion in cargo traffic.

Tampa is a major economic center in Florida. The city is home to the headquarters of many large Fortune 1000 international corporations. Major financial corporations, including JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup, are represented in the city. Tourism plays an important role in Tampa economy. The city is home to a major energy company, TECO Energy. TECO power plants provide a significant share of Florida electricity supply. TECO is actively developing solar energy and building solar power plants.

The cost of electricity for Tampa residents is about the same as in Florida and is 11.42¢/kWh. For commercial customers, the price is less and is 10.21¢/kWh. The average electricity bill in Tampa for a household is about $111 per month. Most power companies allow you to pay your bill online and activate auto-pay service.

Electrical Engineering Companies in Tampa

Miller Electric Company

Electric Companies in Tampa: Miller Electric Company

Miller Electric Company is an electrical contractor headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. The company was founded in 1928. Since then, Miller Electric Company has grown from a small electric company to a large and respected contractor operating nationwide. The company has approximately 2,000 employees. Miller Electric Company is a family owned and operated company.

The company provides a wide range of electrical contracting services, systems integration, 24/7 emergency services, monitoring and control systems, wireless solutions and others. Miller Electric Company offers customers the most advanced solutions in the field of energy security, emergency power systems, as well as pre-construction services and consulting.


Proxima Solar

Electric Companies in Tampa: Proxima Solar

Proxima Solar is an electric solar energy company. The company offers installation services for solar panels and various solar power solutions, including off-grid solar systems.

Proxima Solar provides full implementation of solar technology solutions, from free solar estimate to installed solar panels and reduced electric bills.


SEM Power

Electric Companies in Tampa: SEM Power

SEM Power is an electric company in Tampa. SEM Power is one of the best a solar installation company in Florida. The company was founded in 2009 in Tampa and has been committed to providing residents with clean, green, affordable and accessible electricity ever since.

SEM Power offers the highest quality design, engineering, and installation of photo-voltaic systems to Florida residents. The company also provides services to commercial customers and helps businesses significantly reduce their electricity costs. SEM Power offers solar panel installation solutions so that companies can generate their own electricity and be more independent.


Tampa Electric

Electric Companies in Tampa: Tampa Electric

Tampa Electric is one of the oldest electric companies in Tampa. The company was founded in 1899. The power company is one of the largest producers of electricity in Florida. Tampa Electric operates three power plants - Bayside Power Station, Big Bend Power Station, and Polk Power Station. Total power generation is over 5,000 megawatts.

Tampa Electric also operates a complex of large-scale solar installations, more than 100,000 homes in Polk County and Hillsborough County receive environmentally friendly green electricity. Tampa Electric's electric rates are below the national average and among the lowest in South Florida. The company is committed to supplying its customers with inexpensive electricity coupled with high quality service.


TECO Energy

Electric Companies in Tampa: TECO Energy

TECO Energy is a power company in Tampa. TECO Energy has several subsidiaries, including Tampa Electric Company, Peoples Gas Company, and TECO Services. Peoples Gas Company supplies natural gas, Tampa Electric produces and sells electricity, and TECO Services is a service company. TECO Energy actively promotes the use of solar energy and is launching new large-scale solar installations.


Acme Electrical Services

Electric Companies in Tampa: Acme Electrical Services

Acme Electrical Services is an electrical company in Tampa, FL. The company offers residents a wide range of quality electrical services, including electrical inspections, repairs, and emergency services. Acme Electrical Services also offers certified services to commercial customers. You can contact Acme Electrical Services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Borrell Electric Company

Electric Companies in Tampa: Borrell Electric Company

Borrell Electric is an electrical contractor in Tampa, FL. The company was founded in 1947. Borrell Electric offers clients a full range of electrical services, from electrical system design and cost estimates to power quality metering, electrical repair and 24/7 emergency services.


Live Wire Electrical Services

Electric Companies in Tampa: Live Wire Electrical Services

Live Wire Electrical Services is a full-service electrical contracting between Tampa and Saint Petersburg. The company provides residents and commercial customers with a wide range of electrical services, including lighting design, wiring, outlet installation and more. Live Wire Electrical Services will handle jobs of all sizes. The company was founded in 2003 and is currently locally owned and operated.


Florida Solar System

Electric Companies in Tampa: Florida Solar System

Florida Solar System is an electric company that provides solar energy solutions for Florida residents. The company was founded in 2007. The company offers Florida residents and commercial customers photovoltaic solar and battery storage installation and support.

The company provides customers with all the steps to install solar systems, from system design to commissioning the solar power plant. By using Florida Solar System solutions, you not only reduce your electric bill, but you can also sell excess electricity back to the grid.


Florida Electric and Solar

Electric Companies in Tampa: Florida Electric and Solar

Florida Electric and Solar is a solar company in Tampa, Florida. The company was founded in 2008. Florida Electric and Solar is one of the best electric companies in Florida installing solar solutions for residents and commercial customers. The company offers customers home solar panel installations, maintenance and repair.


Sunrise Electric

Electric Companies in Tampa: Sunrise Electric

Sunrise Electric is an electric company serving the Tampa area. The company employs certified, licensed and professional electricians. Sunrise Electric provides Florida residents with almost all types of electrical installations. There are also emergency services.


Mayer Electric Supply

Electric Companies in Tampa: Mayer Electric Supply

Mayer Electric Supply is an electrical supply company serving customers throughout the southeastern United States. The company was founded in 1930. The company offers tools, lighting, communications devices, cables and cords, switches and other electrical supplies.

Mayer Electric Supply is one of the largest distributors of electrical equipment and supplies in the country. The company's customers include industrial plants, electrical contractors, government agencies, hospitals, schools and residents. Mayer Electric Supply's sales exceed one billion dollars a year. The company has 69 branches nationwide.



Electric Companies in Tampa: Gexpro

Gexpro is one of the world's largest distributors of electrical parts and materials. About 400 branches of the company operate in the United States. The company's customers are millions of people in the country. Gexpro offers a wide range of electrical products, including cables, fittings, lighting, motors and more. The company has more than 2,500 employees.


City Electric Supply

Electric Companies in Tampa: City Electric Supply

City Electric Supply is a wholesale electrical distributor. The company sells electrical equipment and supplies in 30 states. City Electric Supply is a family-owned company that supplies a full line of electrical products ranging from cords and wires to automation control systems. City Electric Supply serves residential, commercial and industrial customers alike.

City Electric Supply operates in 30 states and has 537 locations where you can buy quality equipment and supplies at an affordable price. The company was founded in 1983 and now employs more than 2,500 people. The company pays special attention to customer service, you can order and pay for any product on the website.