#CompanyLocationDistance, miles
1City Electric Supply8224 Ronson Road San Diego, CA 921111.88
2Gexpro9630 Chesapeake Dr San Diego, CA 921233.10
3Origis Energy4747 Executive Drive Suite 1340 San Diego, CA 921215.20
4Shell Energy4445 Eastgate Mall, San Diego, CA 921215.59
5Pilot Power GroupStonebrook Law, 8910 University Center Lane, San Diego, CA 921225.68
6Solar Energy Solutions801 A St Ste 803 San Diego, CA 921016.12
7Calpine Energy SolutionsHKM Employment Attorneys LLP, 401 West A Street, San Diego, CA 921016.14
8San Diego Gas & ElectricSan Diego, California6.20
9Solana Energy AllianceHwy 101, Solana Beach, CA13.65
10Anza Electric CooperativeUS Hwy 371, Anza, CA57.02
11San Jacinto PowerS San Jacinto Ave, San Jacinto, CA68.40
12Moreno Valley Utility14325 Frederick Street, Moreno Valley, CA 9255376.69
13Desert Community EnergyUSA Gasoline, Fred Waring Drive, Palm Desert, CA 92260-330677.41
14Rancho Mirage Energy AuthorityRancho Mirage, California77.71
15Gexpro2099 S. State College Blvd, Suite 200 Anaheim, CA 9280682.70
16Colton Public Utilities650 North La Cadena Drive, Colton, CA 9232487.85
17City Electric Supply2267 Redondo Avenue Signal Hill, CA 9075589.05
18Pomona Choice Energy505 South Garey Avenue, Pomona, CA 9176692.58
19Rancho Cucamonga Municipal UtilityRancho Cucamonga Fire Department, 10500 Civic Center Drive, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 9173092.60
20Imperial Irrigation District333 East Barioni Boulevard, Imperial, CA 9225192.83

We found 20 electric companies locations near you. The nearest City Electric Supply location is 1.88 miles away. The address of the company is 8224 Ronson Road San Diego, CA 92111. City Electric Supply offers customers the following electrical services: Commercial Services, Materials Supply, Distribution Equipment, Electrical Tools, Residential Services.

The above list of electric companies near you contains electric companies of all types. The main types of electric companies are energy companies, electric utilities, electric companies that provide services to residents and businesses. Power companies generate electricity from traditional power plants or from renewable energy sources.

Energy Supplier

An electricity supplier is a company that produces and supplies electricity to consumers. Electricity suppliers use the electric infrastructure and transmission lines of electric utilities to deliver electricity to residents or commercial customers. In deregulated states, suppliers may have their own power plants and offer a wider range of rate plans to electricity consumers. Energy suppliers often buy electricity in bulk from energy producers and sell it to consumers at more favorable rate plans.

Electric Utility

Utility companies are companies that deliver electricity to consumers. These companies deliver electricity to you through their infrastructure, transmission grids, and substations. If there is a natural disaster and you lose power, you have to call the electric utility company. In some states, electric utilities have a monopoly position on the market and consumers have no choice when it comes to connecting to electricity. Electric utilities generally provide electricity, keep records of what they use, and provide billing to customers. In deregulated states, customers have a choice of electric utility provider, and consumers can change their electric utility company.

Electric Company

There are thousands of electric companies in the country, offering consumers a wide variety of electrical services. If you need electrical wiring repaired, lighting installed, or broken electrical equipment repaired, you should call the electric company near you. Licensed electricians will install air conditioning systems or a solar panel to power your home independently. Electrical contractors are companies that design, install and maintain electrical systems mainly for businesses and commercial customers.

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