Electric Companies in New Mexico

Power Generation

New Mexico is the third largest mining state in the country and a major producer of electricity. Total electricity generation at all power plants exceeded 35 GWh. New Mexico has several dozen power plants of various types - coal and natural gas plants, hydroelectric plants, and renewable energy plants. Despite the richest deposits of uranium, New Mexico does not have a single nuclear power plant.

Transmission Grid

The New Mexico electricity distribution grid is part of Western Interconnection, the largest electricity distribution grid in the country. New Mexico's electric transmission grid is growing rapidly. The new Western Spirit project involves building a transmission grid to distribute renewable electricity throughout the state and other markets.

Renewable Sources

The climate in New Mexico is favorable for generating electricity from renewable energy sources. Solar farms and wind power account for a significant share of electricity. Combined, renewable energy accounts for about 36% of all electricity generated in New Mexico. The state government encourages businesses and residents to install solar panels, including tax refunds.

Electricity Rates

Electricity prices in New Mexico are slightly below the national average, at 13.07 cents/kWh at the end of 2021. The average household electricity bill in New Mexico is about $90, with the highest household bill in August each year due to heavy use of air conditioning to cool the air. The cost of electricity to the consumer depends on the type of electricity rate, the supplier company, and the level of taxes.

Electric Companies in New Mexico

New Mexico Electric Companies

In New Mexico, the electricity market is regulated. When choosing an electric company, state residents often don't have much choice. The Public Service Company of New Mexico has the largest share of the retail electricity market, selling about 3 GWh of electricity per year to residents with total sales of 9 GWh. Different electric companies offer different rates, with prices ranging from 8.6 to 19 cents/kWh. The most affordable electricity is offered by Lea County Electric and Central Valley Elec Coop.

The state government actively supports the installation and use of solar panels and solar power plants by residents and businesses alike. There are many licensed, certified and insured electric companies in New Mexico that install solar panels and plants. The best solar panel installation electric companies are NM Solar Group, Ocotillo Solar Electric, Titan Solar Power. For residents who install solar panels, the state offers tax breaks and rebates and the opportunity to get a 100% property tax exemption.

In New Mexico, in addition to the big electric companies, there are many successful small businesses serving the needs of people and businesses. If you need electrical installation consultation, solar panel installation, wiring repair or a smart home system hookup, you can easily find the right electrical company near you.

# Company
1 A-1 Electric
2 Academy Plumbing
3 Affordable Service
4 B & A Electrical Services
5 Caldwell Electrical Contractors
6 Calhoun Electric
7 Carrasco Electric
8 Conway Electric
9 Crescent Electric Supply
10 DRB Electric
11 Duke City Heating & Cooling
12 ECC Solar
13 El Paso Electric Company
14 Electrical Services
15 Elliott Electric Supply
16 Elysium Solutions
17 Gorman Lightning Protection and Electric
18 Irby Utilities
19 J & G Electric
20 LE Electric
21 MCD Electric
22 NM Solar Group
23 National Electric Supply
24 New Mexico Renewable Energy Transmission Authority
25 Organ Mountain Solar & Electric
26 Positive Energy Solar
27 Public Service Company of New Mexico
28 Quality Electric LLC
29 R T Electric
30 RGZ Electric
31 Solar Electric Co
32 Summit Electric Supply
33 Williams Mechanical