Electric Companies in Utah

Power Generation

Electricity generation is an important part of Utah's economy. Despite relatively small proven oil and gas reserves, Utah is among the top states for crude oil and gas production and refining. More than half of the electricity is generated by coal-fired power plants. Another quarter is generated by gas-fired power plants. The rest of the electricity is generated by renewable energy sources. Utah produces one-fifth more electricity than it consumes. One-fifth of Utah homes are heated with electricity. The state has built an extensive electric vehicle charging network, mostly around Salt Lake City.

Transmission Grid

The development of the energy industry in Utah has led to the rapid development of the state's electric transmission grid. Transmission lines are built along a north-south transmission backbone that deliver safe and reliable electricity from power plants to power distribution centers. Utah's transmission grid consists of more than 7,000 miles of transmission lines. PacifiCorp owns and operates the majority of the transmission system and distribution centers in Utah. Intermountain Power Agency and Western Area Power Administration also own and operate a significant share of the transmission lines.

Renewable Sources

About 16% of all electricity in Utah is generated from renewable energy sources. The majority is solar power. Utah ranks 9th in the nation for renewable energy use. Utah generates 1,537 megawatts of electricity from solar power plants, hydroelectric power plants, and wind farms. A little bit of electricity is generated using biomass. Energy companies and utilities in Utah plan to increase the share of renewable energy to 20 percent. The Advanced Clean Energy Storage project in Utah received a $504 million loan guarantee from the U.S. Department of Energy.

Electricity Rates

Utah generates more electricity than it consumes. Electricity prices in the state are significantly lower than the national average. For Utah residents, the average cost of electricity is about 10.6¢/kWh, which is a quarter of the national average. For commercial customers, the price of electricity is even lower at about 8¢/kWh. Installing solar panels will significantly reduce the electricity bill. Utah has an active solar energy industry and many companies provide solar panel installation and maintenance services.

Electric Companies in Utah

Utah Electric Companies

Utah is not a deregulated state. There is not much choice of electricity suppliers in the state. Publicly and privately-owned electric utilities generate, transmit, distribute, and sell electricity. Rocky Mountain Power is the only Investor-Owned Electric utility in Utah. Rocky Mountain Power is a subsidiary of PacifiCorp. There are 9 member-owned electric cooperatives and 15 municipally-owned or publicly-owned electric utilities in Utah. For example, Deseret Power Electric Cooperative serves municipality customers and member cooperatives.

Municipal Utilities are entities operated by local governments. The rates of these utilities need to be approved by the city council. Municipal Utilities are successfully operating in 39 Utah communities. Utah also has two Electric Service/Improvement Districts. South Utah Valley Electric Service District (SESD) and Ticaboo Electric Improvement District (TEID) provide electricity to residents of southern Utah County and Garfield County.

Utah is one of the sunniest states in the country. Solar power accounts for over 90% of all renewable energy. Utah has many successful solar energy promotion programs. About 83% of all solar energy is generated from large solar farms, with the remaining 17% from small-scale generating systems, including rooftop solar panels. Utah has many electric companies offering solar panel installation and upgrade services, including Titan Solar Power, Creative Energies. Utah has many successful electrical service companies offering a full range of quality electrical services to Utah residents and businesses.

# Company
1 A-C Electric
2 Amp'd Electric
3 Any Hour Services
4 Arc Blue Electric
5 Bush Sales & Manufacturing
6 Consolidated Electrical Distributors
7 Creative Energies
8 Crescent Electric Supply
9 EnergySolutions
10 GLS Electric
11 Gexpro
12 Hidden Peak Electric
13 Hunt Electric
14 Northern Electric Company
15 PacifiCorp
16 Professional Electrical Services
17 Progressive Power Solutions
18 Quality Electrical Contractors
19 REI Electric
20 Rocky Mountain Power
21 Salt Lake City Public Utilities
22 Skyline Electric Company
23 Solgen Power
24 Stuart Electric Supply
25 Titan Solar Power
26 Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems
27 Utah Power & Light
28 Wasatch Electric
29 West Valley City Utility