Electric Companies in Georgia

Power Generation

Georgia is one of the nation's leaders in energy consumption and generation. All power plants produce more than 128.6 GWh of electricity. Most of the electricity is generated by natural gas-fired power plants. More than a quarter of the electricity is produced at two nuclear power plants. Two more plants are being commissioned. Georgia is one of the leaders in biomass fuel production.

Transmission Grid

The Georgia transmission grid is part of The Eastern Interconnection, the second largest alternating-current electrical grid in the country. The North American Electric Reliability Corporation is headquartered in Atlanta. NERC's mission is to monitor compliance with standards and ensure the reliability and safety of power transmission grids. Many companies and nongovernmental organizations, such as Georgia Transmission Corporation and Georgia Power, are actively developing Georgia's electric transmission grid.

Renewable Sources

Renewable energy in Georgia consistently accounts for about 12% of all energy produced in the state. A special feature of the state is that most renewable energy is produced from biomass. Georgia is the nation's largest exporter of wood pellets, mostly to Europe. A third of the renewable energy comes from hydroelectric power plants. About 3% of all electricity is produced by solar power plants, and the percentage of solar power and the number of solar power plants is growing rapidly.

Electricity Rates

Electricity prices in Georgia are lower than the national average of about 9.9 ¢/kWh in 2022. The average electricity bill in the state is about $107 per month. For commercial and industrial customers, the cost of electricity is significantly lower. For commercial customers, the cost of electricity is about 9 ¢/kWh and for industrial customers it is about 6.9 ¢/kWh. Because of the large amount of energy used, electricity bills are higher than in other states.

Electric Companies in Georgia

Georgia Electric Companies

Georgia has high energy consumption and has many power companies producing electricity for state residents and industries. Most of them generate electricity from natural gas, the most powerful being the Jack McDonough, McIntosh, and Thomas A Smith plants. Two nuclear plants, Plant Vogtle and Plant Hatch, produce more than 4,100 Mw of electricity. Georgia also has coal-fired power plants, the largest of which are comparable to natural gas plants.

There are three types of utility companies in Georgia. These are government-owned utilities, investor-owned utilities, and customer-owned utilities (electric cooperatives). Georgia Power Company is the largest investor-owned electric utility. Georgia Power Company supplies power to more than 2.5 million residents, owns and operates many power plants and sells wholesale power to several municipalities and electric cooperatives. Georgia has many small retail electric companies that sell electricity or provide electrical services to residents of the state.

Despite the fact that solar power accounts for only 3% of all electricity in Georgia, solar power has been growing rapidly in recent years. The ten most powerful solar power plants produce more than 100 megawatts of electricity each. Approximately one-tenth of all solar electricity is produced by small (up to 1 megawatt) solar power plants located on rooftops or next to homes. When installing solar panels, it is very important to choose a good electric company that will install a quality solar power plant. There are many electric companies in Georgia that install solar panels, the best known are Global Solar Energy, Alternative Energy Southeas, and Solar Plus.

# Company
1 Albany Utilities
2 Alexander Electric
3 City Electric Supply
4 Cleveland Electric
5 GE Power
6 Georgia Power
7 Georgia Public Service Commission
8 Georgia Transmission
9 Gexpro
10 Gorman & Gorman Electric
11 GreyStone Power Corporation
12 Handy Electrician
13 Interstate Electric Supply
14 Liberty Utilities
15 MEAG Power
16 Mayberry Electric
17 Mayer Electric Supply
18 MetroPower
19 Mitchell EMC
20 Mr. Dee's Electric Service
21 Mr. Electric
22 North American Electric Reliability Corporation
23 Pat Murphy Electric
24 ProLectric
25 Renewvia Energy
26 Ritch Electric Company
27 Savannah Solar Co
28 Service Electric
29 SolAmerica Energy
30 Solar Plus
31 Southern Company
33 Volt Power
34 Vos Electric
35 Wilson Electric Company