Electric Companies in Texas

Power Generation

Energy is the most important area of the economy in Texas. Texas produces and consumes the most electricity. The state has an abundance of almost every source for generating electricity - gas, oil, solar, wind, and others. Total electricity generation in Texas is over 483 gigawatts. Most of the electricity generated (52.1%) comes from natural gas. In second place is wind power, almost 20%. Texas also has coal-fired and nuclear power plants.

Transmission Grid

Texas is a unique state, the only one with its own electrical grid: Texas Interconnection. This electrical grid covers 213 of the 254 Texas counties and is managed by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas. Ninety percent of electricity needs are supplied through this electric grid. Texas Interconnection is connected to other electric distribution grids: Eastern Interconnection and North American Electric Reliability Corporation.

Renewable Sources

Renewable energy is important to Texans. Thirty percent of all wind power generated in the U.S. is generated in Texas. Forty wind farms make up a single complex that produces 30 megawatts of electricity. The electricity generated from wind power is used by local farmers, businesses, and Texans. The Texas climate is also favorable for solar power, with solar plants and panels generating more than 8 megawatts of electricity.

Electricity Rates

Because Texas has a lot of excess electricity generation capacity and many power companies supplying electricity, electricity prices are relatively low. The average price of electricity for businesses is 0.38 ¢/kWh, and for Texans it is 12.81 ¢/kWh, significantly lower than in other states. Texas residents have a wide variety of electric companies to connect to and get electricity at an affordable price.

Electric Companies in Texas

Texas Electric Companies

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) is the non-profit organization that manages and operates the Texas Interconnection. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas is made up of a wide variety of companies: investor-owned electric utilities, electric cooperatives, electric retailers, electric generating plants, and electric consumers.

The Texas Power Public Association (TPPA) is an organization representing public power allied entities and community-owned electric utilities in Texas. TPPA is based in Austin. 72 Municipally owned utilities provide electricity to approximately 15% of the state's population. More than 5 million residents use these utilities.

Texas is home to many electric companies that help state residents with their problems. Many licensed companies can help you with any service: replacing old wiring, installing a lighting system, designing a smart home system, installing off-grid power supplies, and so on. Many companies work 24/7 and you can always call in an emergency.

# Company
1 3000 Energy Corp
2 ARP Services
3 Acacia Energy
4 All In One Electric
5 All Star Electric
6 Allgood Electric
7 Ambit Energy
8 Amigo Energy
9 Arlington Electrical Services
10 Art's Electric
11 Atmos Energy Corporation
12 Austin Energy
13 Breeze Air Heat & Electrical
14 CAMAC International Corporation
15 Caldwell Electrical Contractors
16 Cenergistic
17 CenterPoint Energy
18 Champion Energy Services
19 City Electric Supply
20 Clearview Energy
21 Colvin Electric
22 Constellation
23 Cooper St Electrical
24 DH Electrical Services
25 Davila Electric
26 Direct Energy
29 El Paso Electric Company
30 Electric Connection Services
31 Elliott Electric Supply
32 Firefly Electric Service
33 Gexa Energy
34 Gexpro
35 Green Mountain Energy
36 Gulf South Pipeline Company
37 HR Phoenix Electrical Services
38 Hop2it Electrical
39 Hunt Oil Company
40 Hunting Energy Services
41 Irby Utilities
42 J&B Electrical Services
43 JSR Electrical Services
44 Just Energy
45 Max Electrical Services
46 Mayer Electric Supply
47 Miller Electric Company
48 Mission City Electric
49 Nature's Electric
50 Origis Energy
51 Power Solutions Electric
52 Power Source Electric
53 ProEnergy Partners
54 Proxima Solar
55 Raptor Electrical Services
56 Reliant Energy
57 Resistance Electrical Services
58 Summit Electric Supply
59 TXU Energy Retail Company
60 Tetco
61 Texas Electric Cooperatives
62 Texas Electrical Services
63 Texas Gas Service
64 Texas Star Services
65 Total S.A.
66 Veteran Electric
67 Young Energy