Electric Companies in Colorado

Power Generation

Colorado is a major energy state in the United States. Colorado is the fifth largest producer of oil and the seventh largest producer of natural gas in the country. There are no nuclear power plants in the state. Most electricity is generated by conventional power plants using natural gas, coal, and petroleum products. Total electricity generation in Colorado is over 54 GWh. A significant share of electricity is generated by hydroelectric power plants.

Transmission Grid

Electric transmission grids carry electricity from power plants to consumers through high-voltage power lines and low-voltage transmission lines. Electrical grids are typically serviced and maintained by either Wholesale Power Providers or Investor Owned Utilities (Xcel Energy, Black Hills Energy). Colorado has over 264 miles of high voltage transmission lines and over a thousand miles of low voltage transmission lines. Colorado is part of the Western Interconnection, with Eastern Interconnection connected by four small lines.

Renewable Sources

Although most of Colorado's electricity is generated by gas and coal-fired power plants, the share of renewable energy is growing rapidly. Since 2010, green power generation has tripled. Most of the renewable electricity is from wind farms. Dozens of hydroelectric power plants also contribute significantly to Colorado's electricity generation. Colorado has successful renewable energy programs, including incentive payments and tax rebates for residents and commercial customers.

Electricity Rates

The price of electricity in Colorado is well below the national average. For state residents, the price is about 15 ¢/kWh. Colorado is one of the top 20 states with the lowest electricity prices. The average Colorado resident spends about $2,500 per year for electricity. For commercial and industrial customers, the cost of electricity is lower. Installing solar panels will significantly lower your electric bill. Colorado residents have the opportunity to participate in community solar programs and save extra money.

Electric Companies in Colorado

Colorado Electric Companies

Colorado is located in the central United States, in the eastern part of the Western Interconnection. Depending on the city and area, Colorado residents can purchase electricity either through investor-owned utilities, municipal utilities, or through rural electric cooperatives. Colorado is not on the list of deregulated states, and customers cannot choose their electricity providers.

Investor Owned Utilities occupy a large part of Colorado's electricity market. The two largest energy companies of this type are Xcel Energy and Black Hills Energy. Wholesale power providers and independent power producers make significant contributions to electricity generation and distribution. Companies such as the Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska and Tri-State sell electricity to wholesale suppliers. High-voltage and low-voltage transmission lines are also maintained and supported by electric utilities. More recently, energy companies in Colorado have been actively developing "smart grid" systems that effectively monitor and control the state's transmission lines.

The activity of power companies and electric utilities is controlled at the state level by the Public Utilities Commission. At the federal level, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission oversees electric utilities. The Colorado Association of Municipal Utilities and the Colorado Rural Electric Association promote the interests of market participants at the legislative level, provide staff training and implement innovations. Investor Owned Utilities and Rural Electric Cooperatives promote renewable energy and offer consumers financial incentive programs, green rate plans and green rate plan options.

# Company
1 All Electric
2 American Electrician
3 Apollo Energy
4 Berwick Electric
5 Black Bear Electric
6 Black Hills Energy
7 CUSI Electric
8 Choice Electric Corporation
9 Colorado Rural Electric Association
10 Colorado Springs Utilities
11 Constant Electric Service
12 Crescent Electric Supply
13 DR Electric
14 Dean Electric
15 ESP Electric
16 Eagle Electric
17 Electric Power Systems
18 Go Green
19 Irby Utilities
20 JM Electric
21 Kenny Electric
22 Lakewood Electric Company
23 Ludvik Electric
24 MH Electrical and Solar
25 Matrix Electric
26 Mr. Electric
27 OffGrid Power Solutions
28 Onward EnergyDesign ServicesDesign Services
29 Piper Electric
30 Pivot Energy
31 Power Product Services
32 Rocky Mountain Electric
33 Sedlak Electric
34 Smittick Electric
35 United Power
36 Winters Electric
37 Xcel Energy