Electric Companies in Denver

Denver is the largest city in Colorado with a population of more than 715,000 and is the state capital. Denver is one of the wealthiest cities in the central United States. The city has repeatedly been named the best city to live in the country. Denver is in a very beautiful location, with many parks, recreation areas, and sports facilities.

The city's economic development is due to its convenient location. Denver is located on major transportation routes between the west and east. Commerce, real estate, and service industries contribute significantly to the city's prosperity. Many large corporations are headquartered in Denver.

Not far from the capital of Colorado are the famous Rocky Mountains. The mountains are rich in ores and minerals, which led to the development of the mining industry. Natural gas, coal, and other minerals are mined in Colorado. World-famous companies such as Halliburton, Rio Tinto, and Chevron Corporation operate in Denver. The cost of electricity in the city is slightly higher than the state average of about 16 ¢/kWh. For industrial customers, the price is significantly lower at about 8 ¢/kWh.

Electrical Engineering Companies in Denver

Mr. Electric

Electric Companies in Denver: Mr. Electric

Mr. Electric is a global franchise organization providing electrical installation and repair services. The company was founded in 1994. For more than 20 years the company provides excellent electrical services in many Arizona cities. Mr. Electric serves the electrical installation, upgrade, and repair needs of commercial and residential customers. When you want electrical repairs or installations at your home, you can contact Mr. Electric.


Irby Utilities

Electric Companies in Denver: Irby Utilities

Irby Utilities is an Arizona-based electrical company that has been offering electrical services to Arizona residents and businesses for more than 95 years. The company's list of services includes transmission and substation packaging, high voltage testing and repair services.

The main activities of the company are distribution, transmission, substation, generation, renewable energy, EPC. The company was founded in 1926 and currently provides its clients with total electrical solutions.


Crescent Electric Supply

Electric Companies in Denver: Crescent Electric Supply

Crescent Electric Supply Company is a wholesale electrical equipment supplier. The company works with the best manufacturers and suppliers of electrical equipment and offers customers quality products and a large selection of equipment. Crescent Electric Supply Company supplies goods and equipment to technology and construction companies, works in the industrial market, and serves government and administrative agencies.


Xcel Energy

Electric Companies in Denver: Xcel Energy

Xcel Energy is a large power company. The company supplies electricity to more than 3.7 million customers in the central and southern states. The company was founded after the merger of three power companies, Public Service Company of Colorado, Northern States Power Company and Southwestern Public Service. Xcel Energy is considered as one of the most advanced energy companies. The company plans to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 80% in 10 years.

Xcel Energy maintains and operates many power generation plants. The energy profile consists of both traditional coal and natural gas power plants as well as renewable energy plants. Three large wind farms, many hydroelectric and biomass power plants are operated by Xcel Energy. Xcel Energy maintains the nation's fourth-largest transmission grid. Wholesale power suppliers can use Xcel Energy's transmission grid on the same terms as the company itself. Through its subsidiaries, Xcel Energy distributes and sells electricity to industries, businesses, and residents.


Black Hills Energy

Electric Companies in Denver: Black Hills Energy

Black Hills Energy is a subsidiary of Black Hills Corporation. The company dates back to 1883. Black Hills generates, distributes and delivers electricity in the central United States, including Colorado, Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska, Montana, South Dakota, Iowa and Wyoming.

Black Hills Energy serves and maintains the electric transmission grid. The company's service division offers a wide range of electrical services, including electrical protection services. For retail customers through affiliates, Black Hills Energy offers favorable rate plans. There are a variety of payment options and auto-payment options.


Colorado Rural Electric Association

Electric Companies in Denver: Colorado Rural Electric Association

The Colorado Rural Electric Association is a non-profit organization of 21 of Colorado's 22 electric cooperatives. More than 1.5 million electric customers get their electricity through CREA members. The electric cooperatives cover about 70% of Colorado.

More than 80,000 miles of transmission lines are maintained by electric cooperatives with approximately 25,000 employees. The association includes such prominent organizations as Basin Electric Power Cooperative, K.C. Electric Association, Mountain View Electric Association, White River Electric Association and others.


Onward EnergyDesign ServicesDesign Services

Electric Companies in Denver: Onward EnergyDesign ServicesDesign Services

Onward Energy is an energy company, an independent power producer. The company generates more than 4 gigawatts of electricity from solar, wind and natural gas power plants. Onward Energy owns and operates power plants in 16 states. The company is committed to the highest standards of power generation and strives to minimize its carbon footprint.


Electric Power Systems

Electric Companies in Denver: Electric Power Systems

Electric Power Systems is an electrical company in Denver, Colorado. The company was founded in 1977. Electric Power Systems is an electrical engineering company offering a wide range of testing and maintenance services for electrical infrastructure. The company is a member of the International Electrical Testing Association.

Electric Power Systems provides both high-voltage, medium-voltage, and low-voltage electrical inspections. The company will perform testing of renewable energy generating plants. Electric Power Systems maintains electrical substations and also offers electrical system design and engineering services.


OffGrid Power Solutions

Electric Companies in Denver: OffGrid Power Solutions

OffGrid Power Solutions is an electric company in Denver, Colorado. OffGrid Power Solutions has been providing Colorado residents with the best renewable electricity solutions for more than 30 years.

OffGrid Power Solutions provides customers with consulting services for the installation of solar panels and solar power plants. The company offers design, installation and maintenance of standalone and hybrid photovoltaic power systems, CDC power systems, mini grid power systems.


United Power

Electric Companies in Denver: United Power

United Power is an electric cooperative serving northern Colorado customers. United Power supplies electricity to Colorado residents and businesses. United Power supplies inexpensive electricity, with a standard resident rate of $0.0995 per kWh.

United Power offers its members many incentive and rebate programs when they install new equipment. United Power's programs can significantly improve energy efficiency and save you money. There are also commercial energy savings programs.


Go Green

Electric Companies in Denver: Go Green

Go Green is a solar company and solar panel installer in Denver, Colorado. The company has been offering solar energy solutions to residents for more than 10 years. Go Green is a locally owned and operated company. The company provides residents of Denver and surrounding areas with solar panel design and installation services, as well as solar panel repair and energy audits.


Dean Electric

Electric Companies in Denver: Dean Electric

Dean Electric is an electric company in Denver, Colorado. The company has been offering Denver residents Electrical Construction, Design and Build services for over 50 years. Dean Electric has completed many electrical projects for schools, data centers, and commercial centers. The company has established itself as a reliable electrical service provider and contractor.


Kenny Electric

Electric Companies in Denver: Kenny Electric

Kenny Electric is an electrical contractor in Denver, Colorado. The company was founded in 1974. Kenny Electric offers a wide range of electrical services to commercial and industrial customers. The company provides quality electrical services including design and installation of automation systems, fire alarms, security systems, control and monitoring systems.


Piper Electric

Electric Companies in Denver: Piper Electric

Piper Electric is an electric company in Denver, Colorado. The company was founded in 1983. The company has been providing residents of Denver and surrounding areas with quality and affordable electrical services for 40 years.

Licensed electricians can help with any electrical issue for Denver residents and commercial customers alike. The company has 24/7 emergency service. The company's website allows you to schedule an appointment and get a free estimate for electrical work.


Apollo Energy

Electric Companies in Denver: Apollo Energy

Apollo Energy is a solar company in Denver. The company is locally owned and operated. The company provides a full range of solar panel installation services, from initial evaluation and design to installation and maintenance. The company supplies only proven and reliable equipment at an affordable price. Apollo Energy provides services in Colorado and Wyoming.


All Electric

Electric Companies in Denver: All Electric

All Electric is a small electric company in Denver, CO. The company is fully licensed and insured. For over 10 years, All Electric has been providing Denver residents with quality electrical services including Landscape Lighting Installation, Service Panel Upgrades, EV Charger Installation, Electric Troubleshoots and many others. The company offers free estimates for electrical services.


Choice Electric Corporation

Electric Companies in Denver: Choice Electric Corporation

Choice Electric Corporation is an electrical contractor in Denver, CO. The company was founded in Denver in 1985. Choice Electric Corporation is a full service electrical contractor providing electrical services to commercial and industrial customers. The company offers quality design and installation services, electrical service for new and existing facilities.


MH Electrical and Solar

Electric Companies in Denver: MH Electrical and Solar

MH Electrical is an electrical and solar company in Denver, CO. MH Electrical was founded in 2015 and is a family owned and operated company. The company is a full service electrical contractor. MH Electrical provides residents and commercial customers with both traditional electrical services and a full range of solar panel installation services. The company provides a one-year warranty on all materials and work.


Pivot Energy

Electric Companies in Denver: Pivot Energy

Pivot Energy is a solar company in Denver, CO. The company develops and implements solar energy projects, including small utility solar projects and onsite solar projects. Pivot Energy has been designing, financing, developing and installing solar energy solutions for over 13 years. The company serves both residential and commercial customers.


Eagle Electric

Electric Companies in Denver: Eagle Electric

Eagle Electric is an electric company in Denver, CO. The company was founded in 1982. Eagle Electric is a family owned and operated company. The company offers quality electrical engineering services to commercial and industrial clients. Eagle Electric will design and do quality electrical work for new buildings, restaurants, government facilities.