Electric Companies in San Jose

San Jose, the third largest city in California, is located in the northern part of the state. The city has more than a million residents. Not far from San Jose is the famous Silicon Valley. San Jose is one of the centers of modern technology development. The city is known for its high percentage of electricity from renewable energy sources.

The standard of living in San Jose is very high. Electricity rates in the city are also high compared to other cities in the state. Although the price of electricity is high in the city, some companies offer premium packages with prices starting at $0.01/kWh.

Many electric companies offer city residents a full range of services for connecting to the electricity grid, maintaining equipment, and installing renewable energy generation systems. Highly qualified electricians will always come to your aid and help you solve your problems with installation or repair of electrical equipment.

Electrical Engineering Companies in San Jose

San Jose Clean Energy

Electric Companies in San Jose: San Jose Clean Energy

San Jose Clean Energy (SJCE) is an electric utility company in San Jose. The company has been providing San Jose residents with affordable electricity at competitive rates since 2019.

The company offers services to both city residents and businesses. The company supplies electricity derived from solar energy. The use of clean energy saves the environment and provides customers with enough electricity without harming the environment.


Delta Electric

Electric Companies in San Jose: Delta Electric

Delta Electric is a local family-owned business founded in 1982. Delta Electric offers a full range of electrical services, including installation and repair of electrical equipment in your home. Our professional electricians are licensed and ready to help you solve your problems.

When installing electrical equipment, the company's specialists will do a free estimate. If you have an emergency and need urgent repairs, Delta Electric specialists will always help you. The company's rates are low and the quality of service is high.


Fast Handy Electric

Electric Companies in San Jose: Fast Handy Electric

Fast Handy Electric is a locally-owned electrical company that serves the Bay Area. The company was founded in 2012 and has been providing services to residents ever since. The company's electricians are highly trained and licensed.

If you need to install electrical equipment at home, update wiring, install a generator, if you need urgent help with electrical equipment, you can always count on the specialists of Fast Handy Electric.