Electric Companies in Gridley

Gridley is a small town in northern California with a population of 7,224. The town was founded in 1905. The town' s economy is based on tourism, and there are many recreational areas and recreation areas around the town. Gridley Electric Utility is a company that provides electricity to the town' s residents.

Electrical Engineering Companies in Gridley

Gridley Electric Utility

Electric Companies in Gridley: Gridley Electric Utility

City of Gridley Electric Utility oversees the delivery of wholesale power, maintains and operates the local electric distribution system, is involved in engineering and advance planning for improvements, replacement and expansion of distribution system, and maintenance and operation of the City's street lighting system.

The Electric Utility Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance associated with the reliable distribution of electricity to residential and commercial customers from the City's interconnection with PG&E's 60 thousand volt transmission line at Gridley's Electric Substation located on Fairview Drive.