Electric Companies in Monterey

Monterey is a city in central California with a population of about 30,200. Central Coast Community Energy and Monterey Bay Community Power are the companies that provide electricity to the city's residents.

Electrical Engineering Companies in Monterey

Central Coast Community Energy

Electric Companies in Monterey: Central Coast Community Energy

Central Coast Community Energy is a Community Choice Energy Agency providing clean and renewable energy at competitive rates for the community. Central Coast Community Energy is a Community Choice Energy agency established by local communities to source clean and renewable electricity for Monterey.

Central Coast Community Energy promotes long-term electric rate stability and energy security while reducing reliance on fossil fuels and stimulating the local economy.


Monterey Bay Community Power

Electric Companies in Monterey: Monterey Bay Community Power

Monterey Bay Community Power is a regional project among local government agencies that provides electricity to residents and businesses throughout Monterey through the Community Choice Energy (CCE) model. The CCE model helps ensure local economic vitality because money from rates paid by local customers stays local.