Electric Companies in Santa Clara

Santa Clara is a city in California near San Jose. The city has a population of about 127,000. Santa Clara is located in the center of the famous Silicon Valley. It is home to the headquarters of well-known IT companies such as AMD, Intel, Marvell, McAfee, Trident Microsystems. Santa Clara owns and operates an electric utility Silicon Valley Power. Silicon Valley Power's electricity rates are much lower than those of neighboring cities.

Electrical Engineering Companies in Santa Clara

Silicon Valley Power

Electric Companies in Santa Clara: Silicon Valley Power

Silicon Valley Power is a municipal electric utility owned and operated by the City of Santa Clara. Silicon Valley Power supplies electricity to more than 55,000 Santa Clara residents. The company supplies electricity to both residents and businesses.

Silicon Valley Power's customers include such companies as Intel, Applied Materials, and NVIDIA. Electricity rates are relatively inexpensive compared to competitors. The share of renewable energy is about 38%.