Electric Companies in Rosemead

Rosemead is a small town in southern California with a population of about 53,700. Edison International, a large electric company, is headquartered in Rosemead. Southern California Edison serves the city's residents.

Electrical Engineering Companies in Rosemead

Southern California Edison

Electric Companies in Rosemead: Southern California Edison

Southern California Edison is a primary electricity supply company for much of Southern California. It supplies 15 million people with electricity across a territory of approximately 50,000 square miles. Southern California Edison owns electrical transmission facilities and equipment. Southern California Edison has a number of resources and a rate designed specifically for electric vehicle users. SCE allows its customer to obtain their electricity entirely from renewable sources by subscribing to a "green rate".

Southern California Edison delivered electricity to Southern and Central California for more than 130 years. As one of the nation’s largest electric utilities, SCE is committed to keeping electricity safe, reliable, affordable and clean.