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Rocklin is a city in southern California with a population of about 47,600. Rocklin is built on a crossroads of transportation routes and is a major transportation hub in the region. Colton Public Utilities is the city's electricity provider.

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Colton Public Utilities

Electric Companies in Colton: Colton Public Utilities

Colton Public Utilities was created to provide quality, reliable service to residential and business customers within the Colton city. The company was founded in 1887. Colton's Electric Utility is the oldest founded utility in San Bernardino County.

Colton Electric Utility owns and operates its own power plant, five substations and the entire electrical infrastructure including the transmission and distribution lines within the city boundaries. The utility company serves approximately 16,000 residential customers and 2,500 commercial and industrial customers, with a peak load of 90 Mega, or Million, Watts.