Electric Companies in Saint Petersburg

The city of Saint Petersburg is the fourth most populous city in the state of Florida. It has a population of more than 258,000 residents. The city is located in a beautiful location on the Pinellas peninsula, between the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay. St. Petersburg has 361 days of sunshine a year, making the city often referred to as The Sunshine City. The beautiful nature, mild warm climate, and low cost of living have made St. Petersburg attractive to retirees.

The economy of St. St. Petersburg is based on tourism, education, and health care. The city has no major industry and manufacturing, but there are many museums, parks, and recreational areas for residents and tourists. The city's electricity system is provided by Duke Energy, a major American power company.

The cost of electricity in St. Petersburg is 15% higher than the Florida average of about 13.17¢/kWh. The income per household in the city is lower than the national average, so St. Petersburg residents will benefit from installing solar panels and using renewable energy sources. Florida's climate and the number of sunny days per year make solar panels a very profitable solution.

Electrical Engineering Companies in Saint Petersburg

Florida Solar System

Electric Companies in Saint Petersburg: Florida Solar System

Florida Solar System is an electric company that provides solar energy solutions for Florida residents. The company was founded in 2007. The company offers Florida residents and commercial customers photovoltaic solar and battery storage installation and support.

The company provides customers with all the steps to install solar systems, from system design to commissioning the solar power plant. By using Florida Solar System solutions, you not only reduce your electric bill, but you can also sell excess electricity back to the grid.


Circuit Electric Solar

Electric Companies in Saint Petersburg: Circuit Electric Solar

Circuit Electric Solar is an electric solar energy company. For over 18 years, the company has been offering customers affordable, quality solar panel installation service. The use of solar energy makes it possible to make a more independent power supply system and reduce the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

The services of Circuit Electric Solar have already been used by thousands of households. Circuit Electric Solar specialists can help you create the best design for your future solar installation, install or repair solar panels. The company offers customers generator, solar power and battery storage solutions.


Florida Power Electrical Contractors

Electric Companies in Saint Petersburg: Florida Power Electrical Contractors

Florida Power Electrical Contractors is an electrical company in Saint Petersburg, FL. The company offers residents a wide range of electrical services, including electrical upgrades, repairs and lighting installations. The company also offers air conditioning, bathroom, spa and computer wiring.


Sunrise Electric

Electric Companies in Saint Petersburg: Sunrise Electric

Sunrise Electric is an electric company serving the Tampa area. The company employs certified, licensed and professional electricians. Sunrise Electric provides Florida residents with almost all types of electrical installations. There are also emergency services.


Everingham Elecrtic

Electric Companies in Saint Petersburg: Everingham Elecrtic

Everingham Elecrtic is a small family owned and operated electrical company in St. Petersburg. The company was founded in 2009 and has been offering quality and affordable electrical services to the city's residents ever since. Everingham Elecrtic provides electrical installations to its customers in accordance with the National electrical code. The company serves St. Petersburg and the surrounding areas.


Solar Sun

Electric Companies in Saint Petersburg: Solar Sun

Solar Sun is an electric company in St. Petersburg. The company is staffed by specialists certified to work with solar equipment. Solar Sun offers residents a free energy efficiency audit, after which you can estimate how much money and electricity you can save. The company offers 24/7 monitoring and a 25-year warranty on their work.


Duke Energy

Electric Companies in Saint Petersburg: Duke Energy

Duke Energy is an American energy corporation. The company produces and supplies electricity and natural gas. The company was founded in 1904 and is one of the oldest and most respected energy companies in the country. Currently, electricity is derived from the combustion of natural gas, nuclear power and renewable energy sources. Duke Energy generates, transmits and distributes electricity.

The company's customers are more than 8.2 million people in the country. Duke Energy generates more than 50,000 megawatts of electricity. The company is committed to green and clean energy. By 2030, it plans to halve its emissions, and by 2050 it plans to have zero carbon dioxide emissions.


Maynard Electric

Electric Companies in Saint Petersburg: Maynard Electric

Maynard Electric is an electrical company in Saint Petersburg, Florida. The company provides residents with electrical services. If you have an electrical problem, the electricians at Maynard Electric will diagnose and repair it. You can submit a request for an estimate directly from the company's website. Maynard Electric was founded in 1990 and is a family owned and operated company.


City Electric Supply

Electric Companies in Saint Petersburg: City Electric Supply

City Electric Supply is a wholesale electrical distributor. The company sells electrical equipment and supplies in 30 states. City Electric Supply is a family-owned company that supplies a full line of electrical products ranging from cords and wires to automation control systems. City Electric Supply serves residential, commercial and industrial customers alike.

City Electric Supply operates in 30 states and has 537 locations where you can buy quality equipment and supplies at an affordable price. The company was founded in 1983 and now employs more than 2,500 people. The company pays special attention to customer service, you can order and pay for any product on the website.