Electric Companies in Erie

Erie is a city on the shores of Lake Erie, the largest city in northwestern Pennsylvania with a population of over 94,000. The city developed greatly during the Industrial Revolution because of the steel industry. Since the second half of the 20th century, the city's economy has been able to adapt to the changes.

The city's economy consists of both traditional businesses and modern high-tech companies. The plastic industry plays an important role. One tenth of all plastic in the country is made here. The service, trade, education, and transportation industries make a significant contribution to the Erie economy. The cost of electricity in Erie is slightly higher than the national average and is about 16 ¢/kWh for city residents.

Electrical Engineering Companies in Erie


Electric Companies in Erie: Penelec

Penelec is an electricity supplier in Erie, PA. Penelec is a subsidiary of FirstEnergy Corp. FirstEnergy is one of the largest investor-owned electric utilities engaged in the generation, distribution and delivery of electricity. Penelec was founded in 1919 and has been providing electric power to Pennsylvania residents for more than a century.

Penelec (Pennsylvania Electric Company) supplies electricity to customers in central and northern Pennsylvania. Penelec supplies electricity and other services to about 600,000 Pennsylvania residents. Penelec also provides related services such as meter reading, broken poles and power lines.


Solar Revolution

Electric Companies in Erie: Solar Revolution

Solar Revolution is a solar energy company in Erie, PA. The company has been supplying solar panels to residents for over 10 years and offers solar panel installation services.

Solar Revolution supplies solar equipment from the world's leading manufacturers. The company serves residents of Erie and surrounding areas, including Meadville, Fairview, and the Tri-State area. To apply, visit the company's website.


Jageman Electric

Electric Companies in Erie: Jageman Electric

Jageman Electric is an electrical company in Erie, PA that was founded in 2010. Jageman Electric offers free electrical estimates and quality, affordable electrical services. Jageman Electric has been successfully operating in Erie County for over 12 years.


Shalkham Electric

Electric Companies in Erie: Shalkham Electric

Shalkham Electrica is a small electric company in Erie, PA that was founded in 2018. Shalkham Electric is an insured and licensed electrical contractor. The company provides quality electrical services to Erie metropolitan area residents as well as commercial customers.


Reigel Electrical Services

Electric Companies in Erie: Reigel Electrical Services

Reigel Electrical Services is an electric company in Erie, PA that was founded in 2009. Shalkham Electric provides residents and commercial customers with a wide range of electrical services, including new home electrical installations, equipment upgrades and repairs, wiring replacements, and more. The company offers electrical services to residents throughout Northwestern Pennsylvania, including Crawford and Warren counties.